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Targeted Intervention Programme

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EFRAH has been running Target Intervention Program in Partnership with Delhi State AIDS Control Society- Govt. of Delhi, National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) Govt. of India.

EFRAH has been completed his annual coverage target and working with one thousand Female Sex Workers so some programmatic objectives mentioned below-


  • To provide information of control and prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst target population (FSWs)
  • To increase awareness about STD/HIV/AIDS among the clinic attendees and targeted HRG Population (FSWs).
  • To enhance knowledge and skills for prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS. To increase availability of treatment option for STI in the Targeted HRG Population.
  • Encourage health seeking behavior amongst them and Peer Educator for providing support to those tested positive for HIV and AIDS.
  • For safer behavior of them for sexual interaction, increase availability of condom.
  • To provide and organized for referral services to the HRG.

Services Provided By Efrah In The Ti Programme

Targeted intervention programme design by NACO because, its estimated that more than 90% of HIV transmission in India is related to unprotected sexual encounter or sharing of injecting equipment between and infected an infected individual. Not everyone in the population as the same risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. Much of the HIV transmission India occur within group of networks or individuals who have  higher number of sexual partner or sharing of injecting drug equipment

CORE high risk group of individual who are at more risks include.

  • Female sex worker (FSW)
  • High risk men (MSM) who have sex with men and transgender
  • IDUs (injective drug users)

Services given under targeted intervention programme

  • Promotion of condoms, linkages to STI (sexually transmitted infection) services and has services with a strong networks and follow up system.
  • Promotion / distribution of free condoms as per targeted group requirement and others commodities (exp. Lubricant for MSM,Needle/ syringes for IDUS)
  • Provision of basic STI and health services (including abscess management and oral substitution therapy for IDUs and also oral/anal/ virginal STI services for FSW/MSM)
  • Linkages to others services (exp. For TB and voluntary counseling and testing center VCTC)
  • Provision of safe space (dropping center of DIC) target group feel free and comfortably and can acquire basic knowledge of HIV  and STI and also could  do some recreational and entertain mental activities
  • Counseling : for giving the social and emotional support to target group through one to one/ one to group interaction
  • Behavior change communication is a better tool to promote for safer sex practices to  interspersion behavior change communication
  • Organized the health camp in respective project area near by the target group
  • PLWHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) to given the moral support and counseling.
  • Legal support/ advocacy  for infected HIV/ AIDS person
  • OPD  for Female sex worker for their treatment




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