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Quality Policy

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EFRAH is committed to providing sound quality services which empower our clients, catering to their needs in a caring and welcoming environment that builds on their own strength and experiences. We learned from our experiences, set higher benchmarks for our services and share best practices with our partners, communities and funders.

EFRAH is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who believe in an inclusive, just society that recognizes promotes, respect, and values diversity.

We strive for continuous development and empowerment of relevant, meaningful and efficient services for our clients and communities. Through continuous collection analysis of information we achieve plans and processes that are creatively implemented, regularly monitored and carefully evaluated.

Our collective leadership provides vision, direction and opportunities through role modeling, encouraging a sense of ownership and accountability. Our straight resides in a system which reflect our own diversity, genuine understanding of our clients and efficient, relationships with our stakeholders and build mutual trust which the communities we serve.


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