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Our Strengths

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EFRAH has always considered children and young people as an integral part of all its programme and youth participation as being vital to the success of the programme. Addressing the needs of ‘out of school’ children (especially girls) is a major challenge faced by the government and development agencies.  EFRAH has designed certain innovative strategies to address this ‘difficult to reach’ and yet ‘vulnerable’ population and the efforts in this direction have been widely appreciated. Various platforms have been created to provide an opportunity to children and adolescent girls to enter into the mainstream of development.

Aagan Samooh- Our overarching aim is to enable the community members to understand and be confident in their right, working together to demand and secure their entitlements supporting CBOs to lead public information campaigns and advocacy events in their communities, such as mass rallies, interactive meetings and public hearings, to teach others about their rights. EFRAH support community members to carry out community-based monitoring of services and to speak out to the relevant authorities when service providers are not meeting their service obligations. EFRAH is closely working with the women groups to develop their capabilities, especially through our community development programme leading together and our series of training and workshops. EFRAH has formed 1 community based management group (comprised of 20 women) and 4 Aagan Samooh consisting of 100 women and every month meetings are held with the Aangan samooh and CMRG groups to discuss community issues, schools problems and other related issues etc. 20 women from Aangan samooh have been selected for school management committee of SDMC schools. A public Hearing was organised by CMRG with the support of DCPCR for community related issues. In addition to the above, 164 counseling sessions were conducted on GRC, 433 cases of domestic violence, dowry, and other related matters have been solved out which 28 cases were referred to Delhi legal service authority. There were 167 awareness sessions on legal issues organized from which 4620 female benefited.

Adolescent Awareness Groups (AAG) of young adolescent girls is a comprehensive strategy to empower the vulnerable adolescent girls from the age group 14-19 years, The adolescents are organized into community action groups in every block of community as AAGs (Adolescent Awareness Groups) for literacy courses and community development activities. Besides literacy they are provided skill training and awareness on various socio-economic  issues affecting them like eve-teasing, sexual abuse, physical and mental harassment, domestic violence, orientation on Gender, Health, sanitation and safety reproductive health, FIR  and family life education essential for their life ahead. Currently, there are 10 Adolescent Awareness Groups consisting of 400 adolescent girls in different locations of Delhi.

Youth Groups (15 to 20 Years): EFRAH involves community youths to develop a sense of ownership and sustainability within the community so that they may identify, rise, fight for right and solve their local area problems. The Youth groups represent the youth issues and are discussed at consultation meet which is regularly conduct at the community level which address the problems, identify and priorities their needs and problems to be addressed through various civic authorities. These representatives are continuously being exposed with various municipal and other departments, which further enhance their capacity to claim their stake in the informal settlement development especially in the civic activities. There are total 4 Youth Group formed by EFRAH and in total 200 youths are associated with it.

Self Help Group (SHG) of women is a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from the same socio-economic background. SHG not only provides a platform to share their money matters but also the members find it a suitable place to discuss about their own psychological concerns /problems, about their family, violence, children study, schools and other community related issues as well. The SHG promotes small savings among its members and savings are kept with a bank. This common fund is used as a loan among the members of the group for their financial suitability.

Women of School Management Committee (SMC) Members of Agan Samooh and CRMG have good understanding on SMC roles and needs as well as they are the part of schools administrative system through school management committee in which they raise their demands related to school infrastructure, teachers, Mid day Meal and quality education during meeting.

EFRAH considers the community members as a change agent to create and strengthen the process, which allows the participation of children, girls and women at community levels. EFRAH enables children/girls/women to properly utilize their awareness, information, roles and responsibilities towards their right as the foundation of responsible society and towards girls/women safety as the foundation of sensible society.

Our Team

EFRAH is a team of committed people, valuable experienced in the field of social sector. From four people that led the initiative, the team has now grown to around 75 peoples, majority of these have undergone various training programmes and have a commitment to work with the underprivileged community. The team firmly believes that it may not be able to bring about a large-scale change or bring justice and equality to everyone, but it will certainly influence the lives of a few, who in return will carry the mission forward. We at EFRAH believe every change starts with a first step and that change is only constant


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